What's the Buzz With Bringing Bees to Buildings?

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Join us for a virtual education session on What's the Buzz With Bringing Bees to Buildings - with a focus on urban beekeeping as an amenity in commercial real estate.

This webinar also features The Wanamaker Office Building's bee project, an emblematic pillar of Philly's skyline, as well as a 15-minute Q&A session.

Blake Retter, Urban Beekeeping Team Director at Alvéole, provides information on the following: urban beekeeping as an amenity, sustainability initiatives and accreditation, and tenant relation and engagement.

There is also a 'Meet the Beekeeper' session at The Wanamaker Office Building, with Natalie Kidd, General Manager, and Wynn Geary, Urban Beekeeping Team Manager at Alvéole Philadelphia.


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