Alvéole: The Urban Beekeeping Company

Supporting building owners and managers in implementing innovative, sustainable and shared learning experiences.


As tenants increasingly come to expect sustainability and community from their office spaces and rented properties, beekeeping projects are affordable and easy to implement initiatives once you have an experienced turnkey partner at your side. In fact, hundreds of companies and schools are already enjoying the benefits of having bees in or around their buildings.

The most obvious and delicious? Sweet, sweet raw honey. 

Urban apiaries have become sought-after and desirable amenities that contribute to tenant retention and engagement. By offering healthier, greener spaces, building owners and managers stand out from the crowd while directly contributing to the health and well-being of tenants. As a result: tenant satisfaction rates and perceived value get a serious bump – which means your favourite renters are likelier to stick around. 



What we do


We offer various turnkey packages, all including workshops, communication tools and other hive-related activities that invite tenants to get directly or indirectly involved.



Bee installation, care, and maintenance

We determine the ideal location for your hive and schedule maintenance visits many times during the season to make sure your bees are happy and healthy.

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Team-oriented conferences and interactive activities

Our flexible, hour-long workshops were crafted to provide tenants and staff with engaging, team-oriented experiences.

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Customized honey and hive products

Each hive produces 100 jars of honey and countless beeswax products, all packaged in personalized boxes with your logo and branding.


How your building benefits from bees 




Sure, honey is great – but an urban beehive is about so much more! Here are just a few of the additional ways bees add value and foster loyalty.


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Cultivate community spirit and team-work

Mobilize your tenants with an exciting, team-oriented project to improve tenant retention.


Repurpose unused spaces to optimize your real-estate.

Acquire LEED and BOMA points for sustainable development programming and boost your building’s value.

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Increase environmental awareness and sustainability

Become an industry trailblazer by implementing an innovative, attention-grabbing project.

Start Growing With Alvéole Today 

With tools to make every part of your process more human and have an positive impact on nature, getting started with sustainable turnkey initiatives has never been easier.