Alvéole: Your partner in building greener, healthier communities

We support property owners, managers and insurance companies looking to have a meaningful impact on the people and community they serve.

“Hosting beehives is a testament to our desire and willingness to do whatever we can to have a positive impact on our community.”  - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.


“By hosting beehives on the roofs of its buildings, SSQ Insurance is taking concrete action in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility and is helping to build a promising future for generations to come.” - SSQ 


Green communities - workshops around a beehive

What we do

As organizations of all stripes begin to question what it means to be a good corporate citizen, we offer an affordable yet impactful turnkey solution to raising awareness about our collective effect on environments both social, and natural. Through hands-on education, community engagement and ecological awareness, our urban beehives are a simple yet playful way to let people know you truly care about doing your part in building a greener, kinder and more sustainable world.

Opening a beehive on a rooftop

Why partner with us?

  • Leverage urban beekeeping as a stepping stone to broader, more ambitious initiatives
  • Build momentum and citizen engagement around important environmental causes
  • Let us do all the heavy lifting as we handle everything from colony health, to effective communication and harvest coordination
  • See quick, tangible results as plants thrive and bees multiply
  • Share the bounty with your community with your own, uniquely branded honey

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