Alvéole Workshops

Innovative, engaging experiences for your tenants and staff.


Installing an on-site hive gives tenants the opportunity to develop tighter bonds and a sense of community. Every hive visit is an opportunity for people to share an immersive, collaborative and innovative experience that allows them to be as involved and hands-on as they desire.


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Inspirational conferences & Hands-on Activities


Discover the World of Bees

Introducing honeybees and their fascinating role in our world and ecosystems.


Meet Your Bees

Experience a real, memorable hive inspection up close and personal.


From Hive to Honey Jar

Experience a completely hands-on and artisanal honey extraction.

Kioks - 536x382

Kiosk: what's the buzz?

Generate excitement and intrigue visitors about your sustainable, unique project.

Wax Workshop - 536x382

The Wonders of Beeswax

Participate in the centuries-old process of creating hand-crafted beeswax candles and learning the rich history of beeswax.

Our immersive conferences and interactive activities are aimed at building a bridge between people, the project, and the new buzzing neighbours.
    • Hour-long team-oriented activities 
    • Crafted for professional adults
    • Every workshop includes a sweet treat for each participant!

      ''We installed hives on our building because there’s increasing interest from tenants to engage in environmental activities. The workshops are a great opportunity to connect with our tenants and the educational aspect of the project has played a huge part in the experience. The service is turnkey and allows us to give back to the environment while gaining new knowledge.'' - Allied


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